Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello to members of the blogoshpere! My friend Sleepless Zach in Seattle has asked me to contribute to his blog, and thereby, make it that much better. You may have noticed that he likes to talk about what's happening in Chicago a lot. That's because I live in the fabulous city and all things classical usually come up in our frequent conversations. So, I thought I would chime in from time to time to give my opinions on classical music as well.

The first thing to know about me is that my opinions on the beloved art form are sometimes rather divergent from my friend's. So bonus for you - two different perspectives. Also, I will be talking about music more specifically and let the musical news for Zach to disseminate. No sense being reduntant.

Secondly, I don't attend as many concerts as my friend does, preferring to save the money and just listen to music from the comforts of my home. I have been doing so for about fifteen years now, and given the derth of classical music enthusiasts, I think I am willing to start sharing my ideas with an anonymous audience. Just remember, my opinions are my own, and if you think the music of Elliot Carter or Pierre Boulez is freakin' fantastic, please start your own blog and extol their virtues. I won't be reading it.

So yes, my tastes tend to run toward the emotional over the cerebral, the sensational over the restrained, Tchaikovsky over Brahms. But, there is much room to debate and much to say. Here's to a prosperous relationship for all involved. Don't worry - I love Brahms as much as the next guy.

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