Sunday, October 14, 2007

Seattle Symphony and the Triple Door

A quick post before I take off for D.C.  The Seattle Symphony is continuing its collaboration with the Triple Door.  The Triple Door is juxtaposed next to the Seattle Symphony's home, Benaroya Hall.  The partnership has developed over the last few years.  The club is one of the regular haunts of the Symphony's 20's and 30's patron group.  Its also conveniently juxtaposed next to Benaroya Hall (the Seattle Symphony's home). 

On the program - Mendelssohn and Bach (at least). 

As most orchestras struggle with attendance and the demographics of their audience, taking classical music into foreign spaces makes sense.  The Seattle Symphony's principal cellist thinks so too.

Of course, he's not the only one.  Cellist Matt Haimovitz, has similar thoughts also.  What is it with these cellists?

I have mixed feelings about efforts to take music to where the people are.  On the one hand I think they are great.  People who wouldn't ordinarily listen to classical music have a chance to hear some really great music in a place that doesn't intimidate with formality. 

On the other hand, I worry that people who are hearing Mendelssohn's Octet, in a jazz club, where the music is sometimes secondary to the activity and socializing in the club, won't give classical music the attention it requires.  Pleasantness aside, should Mendelssohn and Bach be relegated to background music? 

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