Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wagnerian, Fluorescent Strauss

Well, there have been many additions to the Lyric Opera website regarding this opera. Firstly, there is an in-depth article on the Lyric production of the opera that is interesting. Secondly, there is a link to a dress rehearsal that shows you the set in action and the fantastic divas at work. Thirdly, pictures have been posted from the sets. Here are some that correspond to my previous post.  

First, the Falcon in the box of fluorescence.  The costume is beautiful but the cage is up to personal taste.


Then there is the set that was used for the earthly sphere. Here is a picture of the set in full bloom when the Nurse was enticing Barak's wife to sell her shadow in exchange for a much happier life, filled with color.  The stage director said in the article that the set was purposely drab because the life that the Dyer and his wife lead is one of unhappiness, absent of joy. The only color comes from his vats of brilliant dyes. Nice idea but poorly executed in my opinion, as was the forest scene in Act Two.


The Lyric was kind enough to provide us with a picture of the mighty Emperor on his floating horse. You can decide for yourself whether it  was a stroke of genius or just plain silly.



It is also up to you to decide if the attractive Youth that was offered up to the Wife was effectively executed. He is wrapped in the center of the picture up there waiting to be opened. When that happens, the Wife has to decide whether to accept her gift. There were moments of raw sexuality at these parts as the Wife's hands made their way down.


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