Saturday, December 01, 2007


A few months ago I decided to earnestly blog about classical music in the Seattle area. This wasn't entirely new for me. During law school I had a part time job covering music for an independent newspaper.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the response to this site.

Over the course of three months, traffic has steadily increased. In November alone, 1,496 unique visitors stopped by the site.  I was hoping to top 1,500, but that will have to wait until December.  This number represents almost a 700 visitor increase over October (893 unique visitors) and nearly triple the 572 visitors who stopped by in September.

In the coming weeks, a third contributor will begin to review classical albums.  My cohort in Chicago will continue to write about events there. I intend to continue covering a variety of  classical music events happening in the Emerald City. 

Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. 

Of course, the modest success of this site is the result of the musicians, public relations people, and venues who have helped with content and graciously submitted themselves to my questions. Also, the sites which link here have been essential to spreading the word about Seattle's classical music world. Finally, I wouldn't be trying to write about classical music if it weren't for From the Second City. He gave me my first taste of classical music when I was a junior in college.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I love you blog - thanks for the thought and work you put into it. I live in Seattle, but grew up in Chicago (where most of my family still is). So the coverage is perfect for me!

James Bash said...

Congratuations! Way to go!

topicismono said...

just found your blog last week have been enjoying it (although I did get confused by the Chicago posts initially but now I understand :-) I haven't really read through all of your posts but here are some things I would find helpful:

(1) A Google Calendar of Events you're excited about so that those of us locally can subscribe and see what's going on.

(2) Various Seattle musical organization have been commissioning work from living composers and it would be interesting to get some insight into those projects. Perhaps composer interviews or interview with the commissioning organizations and what is motivating them? Example: Daron Hagen's commission with the Seattle Opera for 'Amelia'.

Thanks for your site!