Saturday, January 19, 2008

New additions

A couple new blogs/sites to report.  Stephen Beaudoin keeps up with the music in Portland.  You might remember a few months ago Beaudoin created a flap of sorts when he wrote about the Oregon Symphony

Local composer Doug Palmer has an interesting, almost stream of conscious blog.  The writing is honest and perceptive. 

I also added Cappella Romana and will be adding their concert schedule to the calendar.

This is the busy time of year for me and as a result I will be posting less.  However, my co-contributors will continue to post their thoughts and observations.        


Anonymous said...

Hi --
Thanks for including me in your list of Seattle composers. You might want to know about a free concert coming up on Feb. 8 that will feature the Seattle premiere of my Voyageur Suite for brass quintet and my String Trio for George Crumb. It's at 7:30pm on Friday, Feb. 8, at Christ Episcopal Church, NE 47th & Brooklyn in Seattle.

Details at

If you come to the concert, please be sure to say hello!


SMB said...

Thanks, Z.! Glad to be added to the blogroll. - SMB