Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In response to my most recent account of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performance, Marty Ronish, had this to say:

"I'm so glad you stopped in to hear the Chicago Symphony. As the producer of the national broadcasts for the CSO, I want my fellow Seattleites to know they can hear live Chicago Symphony Orchestra concerts on-demand anytime they want. I post each broadcast online for two weeks at cso.org, 52 weeks a year. The programs do not air on KING-FM, I'm sad to say, but you can always get them online.The concert you heard with Pierre Boulez and Susan Graham will be on the broadcast this summer. I just did the interviews with them this past week. Happy listening! "

Marty RonishProducer, BP Chicago Symphony Orchestra Broadcasts

(and devoted Seattle resident)

You heard it here folks. You can hear what I'm writing about. The site is beautifully laid out, complete with program notes, special interviews, and of course, the best performances you could ever hope for. So, thank you Marty and happy listening indeed to everyone.


Anonymous said...

The CSO is doing such an amazing job with teir online content these days, it's AMAZING. Thanks for reminding me of these broadcasts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. The CSO web team is indeed amazing. I don't think they ever sleep. In particular, Sean Hopp, Steve Burkholder, and Marc Van Bree get the credit for getting all that content up on the web.

I need to make a correction -- I did interview Susan Graham last week but not Pierre Boulez. Our program annotator, Phillip Huscher is going to do that interview when Boulez comes back to Chicago later this month. We interview every conductor and nearly every soloist for the broadcasts, which makes them much more personal, I think.

Many thanks,
Marty Ronish