Friday, January 04, 2008

Replacing Keith Lockhart

While scanning the Seattle Weekly website, I saw Gavin Borchert linked to this article about who might replace Keith Lockhart in Utah. Interestingly, Schwarz's name is mentioned. Borchert correctly points out that while there has been considerable focus on Schwarz and Seattle Symphony relations, there is less coverage of what might be in store for Schwarz should he ever leave the Seattle Symphony.


Anonymous said...

I think going to Utah would be good for Schwarz. I think he flourishes in bringing orchestra's potential to a higher level. Apparently, the Utah Symphony has been diminished as an arts institution under Lockhart, so there would be room for Schwarz to make improvements. Then he should leave before people hate him there too. Because the truth is, Schwarz is of limited capability as well, and staying too long brings that out.

Anonymous said...

Utah Symphony, take our conductor, please!