Saturday, January 05, 2008

Upcoming events

The big event this week is the Joshua Roman led Town Hall recital "Quartet."  Roman and friends will tackle Messiaen's  Quartet for the End of Time and Dan Visconti's Fractured Jams.  Visconti's music has been popular in Seattle.  Last October, Violist Melia Watras performed Visconti's Traveler's Jam.  Messiaen's Quartet is no stranger to the Northwest.  A few years back Chamber Music Northwest put out a fine recording of the piece on the Delos label.  Since arriving in Seattle, Roman has been on a tear, upending Seattle's classical landscape.  Roman has done this with equal measures of charisma, challenging programming and uncompromising skill as a cellist. 

The same night, Oboist Roger Cole will be performing a recital featuring sonatas Saint Saens, Poulenc, and Hindemith. "An Oboe Player's Hit Parade" says the University of Washington's School of Music.          


Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention that he is playing Radiohead. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

They did play several monotonous Radiohead pieces. Actually the same formless pseudo raga. What is it what you children get out of this kind of boredom?

Anonymous said...

They did play some monotonous Radiohead pseudo ragas.
What is it that you children see in this form of boredom?